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Brigitte Macron: Her unlikely encounter with a very big American star who is a hit on Netflix

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On the occasion of the launch of a new season of this global hit series on Netflix, First Lady Brigitte Macron met a well-known actress. Together, they were able to discuss crucial social issues.

Brigitte Macron multiplies the appointments, and therefore the meetings. In this case, he recently had the opportunity to cross paths with a world-famous actress, as reported by our colleagues at Party of Paris.

Last December, the first lady was able to meet the actress Lily Collins, who is none other than the protagonist and the main role of the series broadcast on Netflix. Emily in Paris. He also got to chat with the show’s director, Darren Star. Most of the team of the series was present in Paris during the month of December to promote the launch of season 3. Brigitte Macron was able to meet them at the theater of the Champs-Élysées on the sidelines of the preview. Therefore, Lily Collins and Brigitte Macron were able to debate the fight against cyberviolence. A logical discussion since the two women have repeatedly been involved in the issue.

Brigitte Macron is a fan of the hit series Emily in Paris. It must be said that the Netflix entertainment has multiplied the nods to the first lady during the episodes. Thus, in season 1, the character of Brigitte Macron appears from behind in the Elysée, to share on his social networks a publication of Emily Cooper, the character camped by Lily Collins. “The French love older women. Look at your president, he’s young and hot and married his teacher“, declares the same character during the series.

Big fan of the series

Later, Lily Collins was invited to the American show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. There he explained that if he had never been able to see Emmanuel Macron in person, he had met “sa lovely woman“, who is “a big fan of the series“.

The Macron couple are definitely on all fronts at the moment. The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, was distinguished by an interview granted to the program Meetings of Papotin Saturday January 7. Brigitte Macron was the guest of the TF1 news on Monday 9 January to present this year’s Yellow Pieces operation, of which she is again one of the essential faces this year and through which she met a former first lady. There is no doubt that the agenda of the presidential couple should not be empty anytime soon.

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