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Brigitte Macron has a diary: her worst anxiety revealed in broad daylight

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During an interview granted to our “Parisien” colleagues on the occasion of the launch of the Yellow Pieces 2023 operation, Brigitte Macron proved to be particularly talkative. He even revealed some secrets, starting with his diary.

The month of January promises to be particularly busy for Brigitte Macron. He is again a key figure in the 2023 edition of the Peces Grogues operation, for which he met a former first lady and whose launch he inaugurated in Nice yesterday, Wednesday January 11, in the company of coach of the French soccer team Didier. Deschamps and the mayor of the city (Horizons), Christian Estrosi. Photos from the event can be found in our slideshow.

On this occasion, the first lady was the exceptional guest of the TF1 news on Tuesday, January 9. But far from being satisfied with this appearance, she granted an interview to our colleagues from parisian in the edition of this Thursday, January 12. An interview during which Emmanuel Macron’s wife is particularly talkative, without rejecting any topic during the discussion. So much so that the one who recently met a Netflix superstar sometimes made some revelations during this interview where she stands clearly and frankly in favor of the school uniform. “I wore the uniform as a student: fifteen years of navy blue skirt, navy blue sweater. And I lived it well. It erases the differences, we save time – it takes a long time to choose how to dress in the morning – and money – compared to brands. So I’m all about wearing a school uniform“, she explains.

Brigitte Macron’s diary, the best kept secret of the Élysée?

Also questioned about the alleged decline in French students’ level of French, Brigitte Macron gives her best advice. “I recommend doing a little dictation every day, practicing spelling as much as possible, and never stop. I advise for example to write your diary, two or three lines every day. This is what I do“. A last sentence that arouses the curiosity of her interlocutor, who asks her if she herself keeps a diary and more details about it.

Yes… But I hurry to tear it, because there is information! It’s also a relief to write what I think there, so here I go!“, she explains. That’s when she is asked if her husband reads these famous writings.”Never! I don’t want anyone to fall for it. I don’t destroy everything, but a lot. It is scattered like a puzzle so that it cannot be found: my anxiety is for people to read me. But writing allows you to put into perspective the things that make you suffer. For example, a teenage heartbreak is very hard“, Brigitte Macron concludes on this subject.

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