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“I will not read anything that day”: Brigitte Macron, who will soon turn 70, speaks frankly about her age

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The first lady Brigitte Macron multiplies the media interventions in this month of January 2023. And at the same time she makes many confessions. Like for example about his relationship with his age, without any taboo.

After her stint as an exceptional guest on TF1’s 8pm news on Monday 9 January 2023, Brigitte Macron is now omnipresent on newsstands. It must be said that the first lady is currently in full promotion for the launch of the new edition of the Yellow Pieces operation, the inauguration of which took place yesterday in Nice in the company of Didier Deschamps in particular. And to achieve her ends, Emmanuel Macron’s wife unleashed the heavy artillery.

In the same way that it was delivered in the columns of the parisian this Thursday, January 12, in which she talks about her diary and her opinion on the school uniform in particular, Brigitte Macron also gave an interview without wooden language to S, Sophie Davant’s magazine. The former teacher of literature and theater especially evokes the couple she has formed with her husband, the President of the Republic, for more than twenty years, their age difference as well as her own age, she who will celebrate the its 70 candles a day. April 13

I have never promoted our partnership – it exists but cannot be explained. It’s easier to be in the same age group, whatever that means. But Emmanuel came into my life. And it took a turn that I never imagined” Brigitte Macron explains about the 24-year difference she has had with her husband since 2007.”In fact, the age difference is important but we don’t think about it“, he says, before giving advice to those who may find themselves in his situation.”I want to tell women that life is inventive and anything can happen“.

I chose my children

To cope with this, Brigitte Macron has refocused on her family. “For me, I chose Sébastien, Laurence and Tiphaine, my sons. It was their only opinion that counted.“, justifies Brigitte Macron”.Everything I heard from other people made me indifferent. At first, I was trying to deal with the gossip, the criticism. And at some point, you can’t take it anymore. (…) The only thing that mattered was that my children were well“, she continues.

On her upcoming birthday, the first lady says she will somehow cut herself off from the outside world, so as not to be affected by criticism and judgment. “Sophie, just wait until April 13th 2023 when I’ll be 70 – you’ll feel it, I’m sure. I won’t read anything that day“, this is how the first lady develops, before revealing her secrets.

To stay in shape, I do half an hour of sports a day – alone, without a trainer – I eat a balanced diet and spend time writing and reading… I live in the present. I know this is all we have. I lost loved ones very quickly, so every day is an opportunity“And to continue to feel good about yourself, you have to”Accept that some days aren’t great“.

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