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Hapsatou Sy: half-hearted victory against Eric Zemmour, the “proud” ex-columnist despite everything

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Four years after their altercation, the verdict came down: this Thursday, January 12, Eric Zemmour was convicted of “racist insult” against ex-C8 columnist Hapsatou Sy. “Proud” of this decision, the 1940s greeted “the other French who will feel liberated” after the trial. However, the polemicist will have to pay a fine less salty than expected.

The trial has finally issued its verdict: four years after qualifying the first name of Hapsatou Sy “an insult to France“on the set of Earthly Sunday! from C8, Eric Zemmour was convicted this Thursday, January 12, for “racist insult”. And whoever has 8 ongoing trials in 2023 will have to pay 4,000 euros to the young woman, as well as 3,000 in damages and 2,000 in lawyers’ fees.

A conviction against which the polemicist has already announced an appeal. However, the sum is much lower than expected: the prosecution had indeed asked for a fine of 20,000 euros for this sentence that had shocked many Internet users, although it was not broadcast on television in the end.

Because no one has forgotten their violent verbal confrontation, recorded on September 13, 2018: guests from the same program of Earthly Sunday! in 2018, Hapsatou Sy and Eric Zemmour fought for the first time over names of French or foreign origin to give to the children of immigrant families. Before the exchange, especially tense, goes wrong.

Remembering her given name to the polemicist, the young woman was heard to say: “your mother was wrong“. An answer that made him jump: “And what would you like my name to be?“.”Corinne“, Eric Zemmour had then replied. Furious, Hapsatou Sy had then replied: “What you just said is an insult to France“, before the sexagenarian adds a layer with a very inappropriate reflection: “Mademoiselle, your name is an insult in France.

“A great pride”

A sentence that earned him this sentence but which was not broadcast: fearing too much controversy and a trial, the chain had decided to cut the sequence. Fortunately, a make-up artist had decided to film the exchange, a video that Hapsatou Sy was able to use to attack the polemicist with justice.

And his reaction to his victory was swift: in a tweet, Vincent Cerutti’s wife congratulated the court’s decision. “It is a matter of pride to have stood firm all these years and to have been able to condemn Éric Zemmour for insulting a racist character. My name is my identity, my origins are my strength, and behind me, I hope that many other French people feel liberated to know that we must be respected for who we are.“, she wrote.

As a reminder, after this confrontation, the columnist had a fight with Thierry Ardisson, the presenter of the program, who had accused him of wanting to spread rumours. He no longer returned to his program and ended up leaving the Canal + group, accusing the chain of promoting the ideas of Eric Zemmour.

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