Home Tips Sale: Unmissable discount on these hair accessories

Sale: Unmissable discount on these hair accessories

The good plans continue on the side of the sales of 2023. And the whole field of beauty that benefits from it. The products to take care of you do lower their price so that you can enjoy them to the fullest. Essential sector, hair is making its revolution with high-performance and shrinking devices in Darty. Discover them without further delay in our guide.

1. This Calor Pro Expert hair dryer is less than €40

The cold has settled in all of France. If you’ve held out until then, letting her hair dry after a shower will become more and more complicated. The cold came so fast. But you don’t really like the hair dryer option that usually dries your lengths. Forget about this inconvenience with this Calor Pro Expert hair dryer. It is your new ally for perfect drying in a very short time. His Darty promotion should just convince you. In fact, it is offered at €39.99 and no longer at €49.99. A really attractive reduction of 20% then. You will have a quality hair dryer for less than €40.

A quick device that preserves your hair

buy this Hair dryer heat Pro Expert for €39.99 at Darty

You have a meeting of the utmost importance and you are really not early. Especially since you have your hair to dry completely. Fortunately, you have the Calor Pro Expert hair dryer with you. Its super powerful 2200 watt motor promises a professional finish worthy of a salon session. Your hair will look sublime thanks to the powerful and concentrated airflow that can reach 126 km/h.

You can also say goodbye to frizz and static and say hello to soft, shiny lengths with its ionic system. To preserve the hair as much as possible, you can choose between 2 speeds and 3 temperature levels. To adapt according to your type of hair fiber. And if you want to keep your hairstyle perfect all day, finish with the touch of fresh air that fixes everything.

2. Get 25% off this Remington Pro Ceramic Iron

To be stylish in all circumstances, a dress and makeup on top is not enough. The hairstyle you wear is also very important. If you want to be stylish without going overboard, straight hair is your best friend. For a perfect result, opt for this Remington Pro Ceramic iron. It also benefits from a very advantageous reduction in Darty. Thus, its price goes from €39.99 to €29.99. Take advantage of this 25% promotion now. Because €10 savings, we don’t say no.

Straighten your hair in minutes

Buy this Remington Pro Ceramic iron at Darty for €29.99

Going out with friends today. You decide to pimp yourself to the max for the occasion. It’s time to get out your Remington Pro Ceramic Iron to get a slice in no time. Because yes, unlike many, this device is fast and efficient. These very wide plates allow you to straighten a much larger number of hairs at once. Major time savings guaranteed! The device warm-up time is just over 15 minutes, the perfect combination! You can also wear shiny lengths all day long thanks to the flexible plates that allow the hair to glide smoothly through the coating.

And don’t worry about damaging your hair with repeated use. The iron is designed according to the principle of advanced ceramics that protect your hair by making the plates very smooth. For an additional degree of conservation, you can also adjust the temperature yourself from 150°C to 230°C. An adjustment to be made according to your hair type and the expected result. In any case, what is certain is that you will be the star of the evening!

3. save €20 on this Revlon short hair dryer brush

Taking good care of your hair is a real obstacle course. After washing them with multiple products to maintain their shine, drying and styling are new steps to follow. Outdoors, hair dryer, straighten, curl, leave natural? All these possibilities are lost to you. Let yourself be guided by this short hair dryer brush from Revlon. As the name suggests, it combines two steps into one, a significant time saver. Take advantage of their very attractive sale promotion at Darty now. It will only cost you more than €49.99 compared to the previous €69.99. Thus, a reduction of 28% is offered. Your wallet will thank you for this €20 savings.

Quick drying and stylized hairstyle

Purchase this dryer brush short hair hairstyle Revlon at €49.99 at Darty

What a surprise, he’s late for work again. Nothing to do, it seems you are doomed to run after public transport. You just got out of the shower and your hair doesn’t look like much. But don’t panic, you have your Revlon Short Hair Dryer Brush with you. This 2-in-1 concept will save you precious minutes. The device has been designed to accurately distribute air efficiently throughout the area and save time. Another advantage is that you damage your hair less at the same time. The negative ions in their technology will also reduce the size of water droplets to increase speed. You can also choose between 3 heating levels, not including the cold setting.

Depending on the option selected, the result will not be the same. Because, in fact, beyond drying them, the brush styles your hair. Its edges, slightly curved, allow you to reach the root to soften your lengths while adding volume, and creating beautiful curls at the ends. Hollywood actresses will be green with envy. And no more frizz and dry hair fiber with anti-static ionic technology. The performance will be stiffer and more radiant than ever!

4. Unmissable promotion of 33% of this Okoia Hair-Wavert curling iron

If you want to add a touch of glamor to your look, there are tips that work every time. Opt for a beautiful, body-hugging black dress, red mouth and… curly hair. They are sure to add a touch of sensuality to your look. So add to your plethora of pampering devices with this Okoia Hair-Wavert Curling Iron. It’s also heavily discounted on Darty thanks to sales. In fact, you’ll only have to pay €19.99 instead of €29.99 to make it yours. A very good discount of 33% is waiting for you. Such a device for less than €20 is a bargain.

Create many different wave styles

Purchase this curler Okoya Hair-Wavert in Darty at €19.99

Your birthday is fast approaching. Impossible for you to choose your pace at the last minute. You’ve had your dress for weeks and you know what make-up to adopt. Today, make way for the hairstyle test. To be a real bombshell, you let yourself be tempted by the beautiful curls made with your new Okoia Hair-Wavert curling iron. Now you will experiment to get the effect you want. Because yes, you can create very different waves with the same device. Depending on the thickness of the wick you wrap around the iron and the heating time, the result will change completely.

The three cylinders of this device also allow the curls to be defined well. Meanwhile, its aluminum design is there to preserve your hair, as is the ceramic coating. And regardless of your hair type, everyone is entitled to beautiful waves with this device. And this thanks to the 5 different temperature levels. The ultra desirable wavy effect is yours!

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