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Sale 2023: Fall for these Barbies with ultra-hot promotions

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The 2023 sales always lower their prices to bring you unbeatable discounts. So you can take advantage of great deals on timeless games and toys. You’ll be anticipating your child’s birthday gifts, we guarantee it. In fact, it’s impossible to go wrong with Barbie. Discover without further delay our selection of Barbies at reduced prices at Fnac.

1. Enjoy 14% off this married Barbie doll

It is one of the timeless ones in the field of toys. The craze when it was released in 1959 was immediate and has never waned since. This is how it has been able to cross generations to become an object of desire for your child today. This was probably the case for you too when you were a child and also with your parents. This toy is Barbie. Add an extra dose of charm to this doll by opting for this married Barbie doll model. Its promotion at Fnac should just convince you. In fact, it is offered at €18.89 instead of €21.99. Or a still nice reduction of 14%. It will cost you less than €19, a great deal.

A bride in a sparkling white and pink dress

buy this barbie doll bride for €18.89 at Fnac

The solemn music begins to play. Barbie walks down the aisle in a beautiful dress. Yes, it’s their big wedding day. She will marry the handsome Ken during this magnificent ceremony that brings together all her family and friends. For the occasion, the star of the day wears a splendid dress. Obviously, I couldn’t do with just the traditional white. So she added her iconic rose to her outfit. It is found in the arabesques that beautifully embellish the skirt.

A wide belt accompanied by a small veil is also provided in this color. Her white bustier sparkles like a thousand lights with its multitude of sequins. Her dress is adorned with a stunning pink necklace with multiple pendants. The traditional veil, not surprisingly, is also part of it. It’s held in place by a colorful headband…obviously pink. The look is completed with a pink bouquet that the bride can throw away after the ceremony as tradition dictates. Let the show begin!

2. This Barbie Married Ken doll is under €19

It would be wrong to believe that Barbie has adventures alone. He is accompanied by a crowd of friends and family. But this is not all. He has also shared his life for many years with the incomparable Ken. In order for your child to imagine a thousand and one stimulating stories, he also needs this character. Choose to match the above doll with this Ken doll from Barbie. They will form an even more iconic couple. You also benefit from a great discount at Fnac. Thus, its price goes from €21.99 to €18.89. Take advantage of this 14% promotion. Your child can spend hours of fun with a new toy for less than €19.

A more stylish Ken than ever

buy this doll ken married of Barbie in Fnac for €18.89

After many stressful minutes, the famous music finally rings out. The big moment has come. Ken will marry Barbie. Installed in front of the altar, facing the mayor, you can finally turn to admire him. She is sublime in her white and pink dress. He also didn’t do things halfway on the look side. His choice fell on a navy blue satin tuxedo. Original and classy. He buttoned his white shirt up to the neck, a moment like this demands it. This is marked by an understated but elegant gray tie.

As an obvious nod to his future wife, he embellished his buttonhole with a pink flower. She also carries a bouquet of the same hue in her hand to complete the look. Understated brown shoes complete everything. The young man now only hopes for one thing, to be able to say yes to his girlfriend.

3. Exceptional 40% sale on this Barbie Malibu singer doll

With each animated film released about her character, Barbie has lived a thousand lives in dozens of worlds and eras. Fairy, mermaid, actress, fashion designer or even musketeer, she had the opportunity to discover almost everything. But if there’s one job he particularly liked, we bet it’s that of a singer. It’s just that there have been Barbie movies about this race! Bring your child’s iconic “Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams” cartoon to life with this Barbie Malibu singer doll. Its reduction at Fnac is also unmissable. In fact, you’ll only have to pay €15 instead of €24.99 to get it. An incredible 40% reduction. This way you will save almost €10, a golden bargain.

Barbie sings her two iconic songs from the film

Purchase this barbie doll malibu singing for €15 at Fnac

The concert will start in a few seconds. Barbie takes a deep breath as she prepares to take the stage. The first notes of one of his original songs begin to resonate. That’s it, hurry up. When you bring the microphone to his mouth, he starts singing the lyrics. Her dress lights up at the same time. This asymmetric short dress in a pink, gold, silver and blue sequin print sparkles like a thousand lights. The look is completed with an imposing silver necklace with a rock look. Her platform sandals are dyed her favorite color, pink.

The singer, of course, is accompanied by her favorite pink electric guitar and matching headphones to get feedback and make sure she’s singing in tune. As the microphone moves away from his mouth, he stops singing to let the audience sing his words in unison. The first song is a success, it’s time for the next one!

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