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Sales: Exceptional reduction on these Playmobil toys

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Sales never fail to offer good deals that are hard to turn down. So maybe it’s time to break down and indulge your kids. The toys are really ridiculously priced. Although it is also a favorite of the little ones. So fall for these Playmobil boxes with amazing promotions at Fnac.

1. This Playmobil Ayuma Knight fairy box with the favorite animal is only €8

There are certain universes that have the gift of fascinating children. They are often mysterious and imaginary worlds whose secrets they would like to discover. Among them, that of the fairies occupies a place of choice. It must be said that these enchanted beings can fly and have magical powers, impossible to do better. So to further stimulate your little one’s imagination, give them this Playmobil Fades Ayuma Knight box with their favorite animal. You won’t be disappointed with their Fnac discount either. Its price will no longer be €10.49 but €8. This is a very good promotion of 21% offered to you. So you will have this box for only €8.

A fairy connected to her totem animal

buy this Playmobil box Ayuma fairy training camp for €8 at Fnac

Don’t think that fairies evolve alone and secluded in their magical world. They also know how to surround themselves with other living beings to whom they get very close. Everyone has a totem animal with whom they live in total connection. And for this fairy knight, of course, a strong beast was needed. This is how she is linked to a mystical blue eagle. Proof of their relationship, this wears the same colors as the fairy’s dress. It consists of a top with puffed sleeves and a skirt in shades of blue and green. Gold accents, like the feather adorning her headband, add a touch of sparkle. Its wings are similar to those of the eagle. She is also equipped with a feather spear to defend herself. She is more than ever ready for the fight.

2. XXL promotion of 44% on this Playmobil Ayuma hanging house box

Even though fairies are magical, they still need to rest. They cannot afford to be tired during the day, the enemies are so numerous. But then, what is the house of these enchanted beings like? They are as natural as you would imagine. Small, they have what it takes to regain strength. But your child will find out with this suspended Playmobil Ayuma box set. Its discount at Fnac is also unbeatable. Thus it is offered at €14.50 compared to the previous €25.99. You benefit from an unimaginable promotion of 44%. Don’t wait any longer to save more than €10.

A really lovely house

Buy this Playmobil Ayuma hanging box set at Fnac for €14.50

After a busy day of training, it’s time to go to bed. This is how this beautiful pink haired fairy goes home for a good night. His hut, of course, is perched, but not in a tree, no, in your child’s room! Dazzling blue and adorned with flowers and leaves, it consists of a bed made from a hewn log and fitted with a sheet. Of course, she also brings a blanket and a pillow with her. To be beautiful in all circumstances, it even has its own wooden dressing table. This is where you can style your beautiful hair. The fairy needs your child’s help to hang her new decorations, beautiful shining stars. Night has fallen, so the flashlight is turned on. But before you fall into the arms of Morpheus, a good book awaits you!

3. Enjoy 21% off this Playmobil Ayuma Fairy Training Camp Set

If you think that fairies spend their time having fun or doing quiet activities, you are totally wrong. In fact, they have to face fierce enemies and are therefore forced to be on their guard all the time. Above all, they must be ready for combat. Therefore, they engage in high intensity improvement sessions. And this Playmobil Ayuma Fairy Training Camp set proves it. Involve your child in these magical sessions thanks to Fnac’s really attractive promotion for these 2023 sales. It will only cost you €26 and not €32.89. A super reduction of 21% is coming your way.

A high intensity training

buy this Playmobil box Ayuma training camp for fairies for €26 at Fnac

The fairy knights are under constant threat of attack from the bat fairies. Therefore, they must be ready to respond in the best way possible. So they envisioned an ultra-efficient training ground. With their totem animals they work their special skills. The fairy knight with the animal spirit of the Kodiak bear hones his climbing skills and endurance on rocks and a network of vines. Meanwhile, a fairy with a hawk is practicing shooting arrows at a target. They even planned an entire strategic plan revealed on a board. After an intense session, it’s time to relax. Head to the platform for a well-deserved picnic!

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