Friday, September 29, 2023

Nice XXL shot on this My Little Pony figurine

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If we combine ponies with a good dose of magic, what do we get? The perfect combination, of course. That’s exactly what My Little Pony and her adorable toys offer. Immerse your child in a world of dreams with this Sunny Starscout My Little Pony, a new generation figurine. It also benefits from an additional promotion on Amazon, all the more reason to succumb to it.

A whopping 37% off this My Little Pony A New Generation Sunny Starscout figure

As we know, horses and ponies are among the favorite animals of children. So if they find a cartoon centered around these characters, it’s a golden find. If your little one is addicted to horse riding, he will surely devote a real cult to the My Little Pony series. Talking ponies with magical powers is clearly the dream. You can also embody one for your greatest pleasure with this My Little Pony A New Generation Sunny Starscout figurine. It’s also very discounted on Amazon. In fact, you will only have to pay €42.90, compared to the previous €67.99, to get it. That’s a crazy 37% promotion. save so without asking questions this €25.

A remote-controlled, talking figure

buy this Sunny figure star explorer My little pony AT new Generation on Amazon for €42.90

A great event awaits Sunny Starscout. Tonight is the grand premiere of his new roller skating show. So he trains one last time to be as fit as possible before going on stage. To move it forward, nothing could be simpler. Just use the remote in the form of a microphone. This is how your son will choreograph his performance, what an honor. But this is not all. Sunny also says lines from the animated movie “My Little Pony: A New Generation.” He also sings part of the song “Gonna Be My Day”. It is a combination of 50 sounds, lights and movements that will be offered to your child for his greatest pleasure!

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