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Creamy pasta sauces are one of the best things I know. Even better when they are vegan and high in protein. Combine today’s vegan protein pasta sauce with your favorite plant-based pasta of choice, and you’ve got yourself a vegan meal with a whopping 70 grams of protein per plate!

For this recipe I used lentil pasta. This type of pasta has 24.8 grams of protein per 100 grams. I’ve also tried this sauce with pea pasta, which is a delicious alternative with a beautiful green color. Taste wise both of these pastas are similar to the original wheat pasta, just with a much shorter cooking time. Apart from these two, there are tons of plant-based pasta types to try. If you cannot find any of these pasta types in your supermarket, simply go with regular pasta or maybe try spelt pasta.

For the nutritional yeast, which I think should be part of any vegan kitchen, check the health food section of your supermarket. You can also find it online. It’s a key ingredient to have, since it thickens up any texture and adds a cheese-like flavor to anything you add it to.  Also: No need to go as crazy on the garlic powder as I did.

This is the first time I’m adding the recipe as a downloadable PDF to my blog. I thought this might make it easier when recreating this dish. You can also print it and add it to your own recipe collection. Definitely let me know how you liked this vegan high protein pasta!

Noodles with a creamy pasta sauce are one of my favorite dishes. Even better if this sauce is vegan and also contains a lot of protein. Simply combine this creamy, vegan protein sauce with lentil or pea pasta and you have a delicious, vegan dish with a whopping 70 grams of protein per plate!

I used lentil paste for this recipe. This type of pasta contains 24.8 protein per 100 grams. I have also tried the recipe with green pea pasta. In terms of taste, both types are very similar to conventional wheat noodles, but their cooking time is only half as long. The pea and lentil pasta is currently available from Penny, otherwise also on the Internet (here & here). However, the sauce also tastes excellent with conventional pasta. If you like it more unusual, just try spelled spaghetti with it.

As for the nutritional yeast flakes – which I think should be part of every vegan kitchen – you can get some of them on organic shelves in well-stocked supermarkets, in health food stores or simply on the Internet. The advantage of nutritional yeast flakes is that they make the consistency slightly thick and add a cheese-like taste. By the way: You can hold back a little when it comes to garlic powder. I just like it a bit garlic-heavy.

This recipe is available for the first time today as a downloadable PDF. I thought this would make it much easier to find the recipe afterwards and cook it again. If you like it – and you absolutely have to tell me – just print it out and add it to your recipe collection!

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